DV Scotland

Fife, Edinburgh and the Lothians

2m - Port C / 145.6375 MHz -0.6000

Module C DTMF 40973

GB7DE Equipment



IDRP2Cjpg rp2c insidea


Repeater Controller

One unit is required for each repeater station and can connect up to 4 RF modules. The ID-RP2C transfers the received signal to the specified RF module or the Internet gateway server.


IDRP200V r2000 insideb


VHF Digital voice repeater

The ID-RP2000V VHF digital voice repeater opens the way for UK Amateur operators to use the D-STAR repeater system on 2m. This VHF Digital repeater can also be used for crossband operation with its sister repeater, the 430(440) MHz ID-RP4000V. The repeater is designed to match the 19-inch rack mount system allowing you a clean and neat installation in a 19-inch cabinet. The introduction of this repeater allows users with D-STAR compatible dualbanders and even the 65W IC-2200H VHF to explore the world of digital radio.