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Hello Welcome to the DV Scotland Website

XLX600 - Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector

GB7DE is now on the air from Edinburgh co-sited with GB7EE & GB7ED

The Gateway will allow access to XRF, DCS , CCS & DPlus reflectors.The Repeater has excellent coverage around Fife, Edinburgh and the Lothians.

FCS004/25 (Scotland Room) is permanently bridged to SC Scotland YSF Reflector.

We no longer process DPlus Call Sign registrations.

The DV S cotland Server does not accept incoming connections


pi-star image
dstar image
  Scottish YSF Reflector
DVScotland MMDVM image
  Pi-Star Download
pi-star image dstar image  Scottish YSF ReflectorDVScotland MMDVM image