DV Scotland


The DV Scotland Team Deployed a new DMRPlus Server this morning. The default Reflector is 4450 - Scotland.· Dashboard -·http://dmr1.dvscotland.net

Anyone running Pi-Star click update on the web configuration and the new Scottish Server will be in the DMR+ Masters list.

BlueDV hosts have also been updated.

DMR+ Reflectors:·http://www.pistar.uk/dmr_dmr+_reflectors.php



Maxis - GM0MRJ DV Scotland Admin Team



Added a link to the Pacific Constellation of reflectors.·· XRF627-A is linked to XLX600-D·· The Pacific Constellation of reflectors is, XRF and XLX reflectors that all connect to a Global Chat module.



We are now starting to connect XLX Reflectors World Wide to Module A on XLX600.



Changes to XLX600 Reflector.


The XLX600 Reflector will be changing on 7th August as we are restructuring the modules.

* A - International

* B - Regional

* C - National

* D - Technical

All Repeaters & HotSpots that are permanently linked to XLX600A, please set the default reflector to DCS600C.



The software bridge between SC Scotland / YSF & FCS004/25 (Scotland Room) is now permanent. The new software by David PA7LIM has been installed on our

main Linux Server.

Many thanks to David for the excellent software written for DV Scotland.



Deployed a software bridge by David PA7LIM to link SC Scotland YSF &

FCS004/25 Scotland together.



XLX600 was upgraded to the latest build of the Reflector Software.

New dashboard -·http://xlx600.dvscotland.net



We have made changes to XLX600 Reflector to resolve a problem with stations using 3g & 4g. Hopefully this has now been sorted out. Mobile stations may

experience network dropouts depending on mobile data coverage, this is not something we can control.

Reports welcome.



MB6IDD in Dundee up and running on the new DV Scotland HotSpot Server.

MB6AF, MB6ST & MB6IKN to follow soon.



We have started working on a new Server for the HotSpots. MB6IDD, MB6IKN,MB6AF, MB6ST.



MB6ST in Aberdeenshire now fixed and fully operational. Not bad for a late night techy job. smile emoticon.··:-)

Andy - MM0DXE



Back up Reflector XRF133 host has changed.··http://xrf133.dvscotland.net



DV Scotland web site now live. -·http://www.dvscotland.net

Please update your hosts.

XLX600 - xlx600.dvscotland.net

SC Scotland - YSF - c4fm.dvscotland.net



GB7DE Decommissioned at Largo site 03/12/16 at 19:30.·· The repeaterequipment will be transferred to the Edinburgh Repeater Group to be

commissioned on a new site in Edinburgh.



DV Scotland MMDVM Raspberry Pi Image available for download.


This image is running on a number of systems and is stable.



Any interest in MMDVM ?

We are currently testing a new image built from the ground up.

Depending on interest we may make it available for download.



We upgraded the Scottish YSF Reflector to the latest version of the Reflector software.



The new Scottish D-Star reflector ( XLX600 ) has been configured to accept connections via DCS, REF & XRF protocols.

XRF600 is now a XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector.



We are currently testing XRF600 using XLX Reflector software with the DExtra




Updated YSF Reflector to the latest version.




** Announcement regarding the future of GB7DE D-Star Repeater **


GB7DE D-Star Repeater Port C will be moving to a new site in Edinburgh by

the end of October. GB7DE Port B will be closing down when the 2m port moves

location. The Admin Team have secured a new site in Livingston and plan to

bring on a multimode Repeater as soon as we get clearance. We will post more

information when the Largo site has been closed down.




YSF Reflector upgraded to the latest version.



Scottish YSF Reflector Dashboard now added to the GB7DE Web Site



New Scottish YSF Reflector gone live tonight.


If you use C4FM, Scotland now has a YSF Reflector. We have tested using

BlueDV for Windows and MMDVMHost on Linux with the DVMega.




*** Important message from the GB7DE D-Star Repeater Admin Team - Abuse of

XRF600A ***


We have been informed that someone in Aberdeen who uses the GB7GD repeater

and a DVMega Low Power HotSpot has been linking to XRF600A using 3 other

call signs. We have manage to track this individual on APRS and via the IP

address that linked to the reflector. We will not tolerate this abuse of our

system and if it continues we will shut down our two reflectors XRF600 &



We could introduce a registration system for the Reflectors, however, why

should we have to do this for one irresponsible person!


If anyone wishes to comment please feel free to do so.




We had a power failure in Livingston where xrf600 lives at 4.40am on Friday

morning. Thankfully, the ups kicked in and kept the server, cisco router and

adva up. Power was restored at 5.08. We had no interruption of service.




Good Evening Folks,

We moved GB7DA Repeater over to a new server this evening. The 4 repeaters

in Scotland are all running on the same type of server.




Ian GM4AUP has now advised that GB7DA is now on RF on 2m only at the moment,

UHF port will follow later. The system may be down from time to time over

the next day due to hardware installations.


Call sign GB7DA-C

Frequency: 145.77500MHz -0.6000MHz






I have just configured the server for GB7DA in Airdrie this evening and it's

now linked to XRF600A. Ian GM4AUP will advise once RF has been switched on.


Fantastic to see another Scottish D-Star Repeater joining the network.


Andy - MM0DXE




MB6IDD in Dundee now back on and fully operational with a new Gateway

server. The Dashboard is back online -·http://gb7de.co.uk/mb6idd.html.




MB6IDD will have a bit of down time this evening as we are working on the



MB6IDD Dashboard is currently offline, we hope it will be back up and

running by the end of the week




XRF133 Reflector back online and directly link to XRF600A.




XRF133 Reflector is currently offline, it's hoped it will be back on by 1st

January 2016.



MB6ST C in Aberdeen running on a new Gateway Server.


Frequency: 144.8375 MHz








I have applied ther latest ircDDB Gateway (20151116) update to GB7DE, GB7DP

& MB6IDD. Hopefully MB6ST tomorrow.


Andy - MM0DXE