DV Scotland

Fife, Edinburgh and the Lothians

2m - Port C / 145.6375 MHz -0.6000

Module C DTMF 40973



NEW D-Star repeater on the air in airdrie north lanarkshire

The gb7de admin team helped configer the software that runs the repeater using a raspberry pi

MORE INFO GO TO www.csfmg.com



GB7DE server & software has been upgraded. DExtra, CCS, DCS & DPlus is fully supported.

To link to GB7DE via CCS using DTMF.

Port B CCS DTMF code - 40972

Port C CCS DTMF code - 40973

Port C on 145.6375 MHz will be permanently link to XRF600A, the new Scottish

reflector hosted by GB7DE Team. If port C is moved to another reflector and

no RF activity is detected within 30 minutes the system will automatically unlink and link to XRF600A.

Port B on 439.600 Mhz will be left unlinked and ready for use.

GB7DE Repeater / Internet Gateway is now fully operational. Comments on the

new system will be welcome via the Face book Group or via the contact option on www.gb7de.co.uk.



New Scottish reflector whent live 26th Febuary.

XRF600 Reflector system hosted by the GB7DE Admin Team is now online.



GB7DE has been running on the new server since 10th July and the system

hasn't had any down time apart from maintenance work.  Many thanks to Ramesh

- VA3UV & the Free Star Team for reliable software.

To keep the system on the air, we hope to receive more donations over the

next few months, to cover all repeater running costs.

Many thanks to those who have supported GB7DE over the last year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy & healthy 2015 - from the GB7DE Admin Team.



GB7DE has been back on an Internet Gateway for exactly two years. The

Repeater site rent for 2014 / 2015 has been paid.

Repeater, Linux Server & Internet link are fully operational.

We now need your support to keep GB7DE on the air for 2015 / 2016.



The GB7DE CentOS Server was switched off on 10th July 2014 and replaced with

a new server running the Free Star package (g2_link & g2_ircddb). The new

server has been a success and is providing a reliable service to GB7DE


GB7DE supports XRF, DCS & DPlus reflectors.



Maintinance was carried out on GB7DE Linux Server




The RP2C controller firmware has been upgraded to resolve a problem with therepeater's (ACK) acknowledgement that causes the user radio to beep. Thanks

to Icom Uk for a prompt service.

All hardware has been tested and cleaned.

Linux Server:

System cloned on to a new hard disk.

New hard disk installed.

New Fan installed.

DC socket replaced.

Repeater back on-site and fully operational.



On Tuesday 20th May GB7DE will be going off air for approximately two weeks to have the controller upgraded.

Apologies for any inconvenience,

The GB7DE Admin Team



New UHF filters were installed and tested.

70cm Filters & cables provided by David – GM6BIG

2 - 70cm circulators provided by CSFMG



New Web Site Went Live on 04/02/2014



Fcebook group up and running



Site rent has been paid for year 2013/14

this has depleted our funds considerably

if you use the repeater please Donate thanks

GB7DE Admin team